Lean Management Continuous Improvement

Lean is achievable in all kinds of businesses - industrial, service sector or retail. Small improvements can make a big difference. We'll help you start.

Change Management Transitioning Teams

Transitioning a team to a new way of working can be very difficult. We'll help start the process change and support it, helping your people view change positively.

Company Development Increase Effectiveness

We'll see your company from outside the box, looking to create long-term value for your business in the way you approach your customers, processes and markets.


The core skills to deal with people in order to motivate and enthuse them is a vital part of leadership. Creating respect creates opportunities for growth.


Lean means many things to many people, but to us it is a proven philosophy for improving everything we do in Business. We develop and adapt proven Lean methodologies, apply them in your Company, and engage your teams to radically improve your business performance:

New Product Introduction

Adopting an effective and efficient system for managing New Product Introduction (NPD) or New Product Development (NPD) is frequently overlooked by companies. A sound NPI approach based on Concurrent Engineering principles is essential to manage and build a pipeline that will generate the profitable products of the future.

We'll help you start.

Cost reduction

With our help you can reduce operating costs by helping you set up much more efficient processes….

“Our workshops have been transformed. They are now well organised, very efficient, whilst in its early stages is already giving us Labour Cost Savings of £40,000” (BGB Technology)

“Savings of £40,000 pa were achieved on one line. What’s more, a reduction of scrap and materials wastage has given a further £5400 pa saving. The increase in capacity will enable Jeyes to cope with a potential £400K pa worth of new business” (Bobby McGregor, Jeyes Group)

Service levels

We can help you reduce lead times by as much as 70%!

“Delivery Performance has improved from 50% to 90% on time in 1 season” (Bob Marston, Head of Operations, Van Dal Shoes)

“Providing our staff with the tools to ‘think lean’ paid great dividends. We empowered supervisors and staff alike to make changes to eliminate waste and promote quality. We saw lead times reduced  by 66% through implementing Lean techniques.” (Leigh Smith, General Manager,  Marel Group UK)

Quality improvements

our projects can help you reduce quality issues by as much as 70%

“Rejects used to be 15-20%, now they are at 5% or less” (Listawood Promotional Products)

“25% Reduction in rejects” (Jeyes Group)

Team performance

Happier workforce – Engaging teams in improving the business not only ‘improves the business’, it improves morale and people feel better about work. Which is good for your people and good for your Company.

“I haven’t had anything inspire me for a long time and this has”(Selex Sensors & Airborne Systems)

What is "Lean"?

Lean management is a way of running a business that aims to deliver continuous improvement.

It's undertaken with a long-term view to the company's activities that looks to bring about small, ongoing changes in processes and procedures to improve efficiency and quality - and ultimately the bottom line.