Case Study: Increasing Factory Output at Jeyes Ltd

Jeyes Ltd is one of Europe’s top producers of Bathroom Hygiene products and Household Cleaners. They have many market leading brands, from Jeyes Fluid and Parazone to Bloo toilet cleaners and Wet Ones. To maximize output from their plants is vital to the company’s success.

Focused Project
Jeyes recognised the potential to improvemanufacturing performance at their bottlingplant in Thetford Norfolk. However, they were finding it difficult to achieve the improvements they wanted, so they asked Nick Oliver Associates' team, Nick Oliver and Tony Earley,to help.

“We spent a day in the Jeyes factory understanding the key areas for development and came up with a Rapid Improvement Plan” said Nick Oliver. “We went on to work with the shop floor team to put the plan into action, helping them to design, implement and measure the improvements.”

Planning the improvements:
A key success factor was collecting hard data to understand all the issues. Typical improvements included machinery and working practice modifications, developing standard operating procedures and using a shop floor-based daily management process.

Implementing the improvements

  • Impressive benefits
  • Productivity up 23%
  • Rejects down 25%
  • Savings of over £45000

Labour savings of £40,000 p.a. were achieved on one line. What’s more, a reduction of scrap and materials wastage has given a further £5400 p.a. saving. The increase in capacity will enable Jeyes to cope with a potential £400K p.a. worth of new business.

Measuring and reviewing the project results
Team Comments
“The programme showed what ouremployees are capable of when given the opportunity and the success achieved has given us a hunger for more continuous improvement projects”
Bobby McGregor,Operations Manager

“It is amazing that engineers can work as a team”
Lynne, Production Team Leader

“Thoroughly enjoyed it – It has been eye opening how much you can get done from a group of people. We thought materials were the big issue, but great improvements have been made by adapting the machinery”
Simon Wood, Production Manager

According to Nick Oliver, “Shop floor involvement and total commitment from the management team ensured the project’s success”.