Lean Management Continuous Improvement

Lean is achievable in all kinds of businesses - industrial, service sector or retail. Small improvements can make a big difference.  We'll help you start.

Change Management Transitioning Teams

Transitioning a team to a new way of working can be very difficult. We'll help start the process change and support it, helping your people view change positively.

Company Development Increase Effectiveness

We'll see your company from outside the box, looking to create long-term value for your business in the way you approach your customers, processes and markets.


The core skills to deal with people in order to motivate and enthuse them is a vital part of leadership. Creating respect creates opportunities for growth.


Nick Oliver Associates are a group of highly effective individual who operate in collaboration with each other to best serve our client’s needs. Whether  you want to raise Productivity, cut costs, increase sales, increase output or do things more quickly, we can help you.

You may need an operations strategy,  or  to implement Lean, to redesign existing business processes or to develop your team.  Whichever  you need, we have the skills to help you:

Nick Oliver

Nick is an expert in Management & Leadership Skills and Lean Manufacturing techniques. He has 25 years Business Consulting and Team Development experience. Nick is a Cranfield Fellow in Manufacturing Management, and is an experienced facilitator and trainer, inspiring trust and persuading at all levels.

Suzy Lynch

Suzy is a manufacturing professional with over 10 years of experience across a wide range of industries. She has operational management experience in both automotive and pharmaceutical instrumentation manufacturing. She has a mechanical engineering degree from Cambridge University and is a Chartered Engineer with the IMechE

Richard Maun

Richard is an Executive Coach, trainer and visiting lecturer to Cranfield University and was previously head of the Coaching Team at Cranfield University’s Manufacturing Management Centre. His coaching typically focuses on business issues, communication skills and personal development. He uses Transactional Analysis and Lean thinking extensively in his work and is also a Cranfield Fellow in Manufacturing Management..

Andrew Smith

A charismatic leader with blue chip and SME experience, Andrew has the perceptive skills to quickly understand clients’ businesses and the process engineering knowledge to make operations ‘really fly’.  Andrew has a great ability to win people over and make rapid progress. He too is a Fellow in Manufacturing Management

What is "Lean"?

Lean management is a way of running a business that aims to deliver continuous improvement.

It's undertaken with a long-term view to the company's activities that looks to bring about small, ongoing changes in processes and procedures to improve efficiency and quality - and ultimately the bottom line.